10/27 Number

Today I had the midterm exam on UCLA.
We made financial modeling to value a company.
It was not so difficult, but I wanted to get a perfect score, so I am not sure that I made it.

To prepare for this exam, I read annual reports these days.
Numbers have me feel secure because they are the same as in Japan.
However, I can't help reading them in my heart in Japanese.
Therefore, to some degree, it deprived me of the time studying English.
Anyway, I thought it awful, and then now I'm trying to count numbers in English.

It sounds awesome if I count numbers by each two digits.

31536000       thirty-one million five thirty-six thousand  
525600            five twenty-five thousand six hundred
8760                eighty-seven sixty
365                 three sixty-five
12                    twelve
1                      one

numbers are the same.
numbers are felt relieved.
I count them by two.

"we're one
but we're not the same
we get to
carry each other
carry each other

(U2 "one")


Weird Weeks

If I say...

this Monday, it means October 24th (the coming Monday)


this summer, it means the summer in 2011.

It sounds so weird to me.
I asked my conversation partner ( a UCLA student minoring Japanese) why,
but he also had difficulty in explaining why.

By the way
My conversation partner told me about


you can watch dramas and animations for free in this site.
I watched "Rumbling Hears (KIMINOZO)" up to episode 3.
It was so serious, but interesting.
you might not be able to access this site from Japan, but it's a very useful site.




I finished a mid-term report!!
Yesterday I stayed up until two o' clock, so I think I will fall fast asleep tonight.
I hardly screwed up.
Anyway, this lets me focus on what I really wanna do.

These days, I have been reading the Oz.
Some people may say it's tacky but it's simple and easy for me to read.

Also some say the Wicked Witch was too weak.
You make a valid point !

I got into Financial Modeling.
Everyday, I use Excel and make a spread sheet.




I hit a wall.  The wall of English.

I can't help translating from Japanese to English.
I can't help thinking about "be" verb instead of active tense.
I can't help having trouble in listening to reductions the professor speaks.

In my class, some German woman can speak VERY fluently, and she also writes better than even ordinal native speakers.
I felt like a looser. but I asked her about advice of English.
She said
"watching movies a lot without subtitles and speaking with your friends a lot. And what's important is to avoid Japanese. you mustn't read Japanese, speak Japanese. It may be tough for you, but you should do."

I got more or less used to this life, so I would like to challenge a next thing.
I decided that I will take Japanese away.
Of course, I keep my tie to important things, but what I just do unconsciously and I regret later should be certainly thrown away.

verbs : To consider verbs firstly when I have something to say.
tense  :  To think about verbs firstly because tense tends to be closely related to verbs.
reduction : To record lectures on UCLA and then I re-listen to the lectures.

5pages report by Monday is freaking me out.
But I have to be up for shopping on Saturday.
Anyway, I try to make it ends meet.

Go for it !



Yesterday, I went to Universal Studio.
It was more exciting than I had expected.
Especially, I like the revenge of mummy and Universal Studio tour.
The former is a roller-coaster attraction, and the latter is a tour with a 3D show.
I went there with taiwanese friends. They're so considerate.
At some souvenir shop, I found a oscar statue for "Best Accountant".
What does it have to do with me?
It's because I thought it would be a nice trick when I had a team. For example, I can gift it to some team mate who is regarded as the most competent accountant.




These days, it is so cold...
I found I'm repeating it many times, so I gotta change the theme.

Everyday I look for a good way to improve my English skill.
There are three problems about my English; Speed, Vocabulary, phrase.

First Speed
I can listen to and understand English spoken in TOEFL speed, but English in movies or lectures, 
which are for native speakers, is difficult for me.
I thought it results from many reasons, but major problem is that I can't tell "clause".
I mean, I feel I can't run after speaking when I can't tell where subjects and verbs are.
So, what I have to do is where the speaker stresses because subjects and verbs are also important for speakers. At first, I just catch up with Clauses, but totally I realized I had to pay attention to "syllable" (cont



It rained.
This is my first time to experience such a heavy rain.
I brought a compact umbrella, but it didn't help me so much.

the temperature kept low, 17 
so, I felt it so cold that I was forced to take out my sweater from my suit case.
In addition, the road was terrible.
The roads in LA are not maintained well, so I saw many puddles, sometimes like pond seriously.
When I arrived at school, I got my shoes badly wet.
In this way, today's weather made me mad.
but the sky cleared up in the afternoon. 
Anyway, I love sunny weather in LA.





Today, I went to take a lecture on campus in UCLA.
The students whose classes are 105 or higher in academic program in UCLA extension can take a concurrent enrollment to one lecture with additional paying.
I am interested in Accounting, so I thought I was gonna take "Financial Statement Analysis".

There were several procedure I had to do, but I finally got a signature from the in structure of this lecture.
Hence, I got able to take the on campus lecture.
It deals with FCF and RI along with several ways of financial strategies.
I found it not so difficult, but the speed of the professor's speaking sounded too fast for me.
I realized that I have still a long way to talk with native speakers.
Anyway, I'm quite motivated now because I can confidently say I come to UCLA.
The lecture is held in the HAINES HALL, and it looks very dignified.
the picture shows it as follows...

I would like to do my best to keep up with the lecture !!





First of all, I would like to introduce some ways to learn English.
I just came across them few days ago, I let you decide whether you'll try or not, but I found them very interesting.

1st thing is about memorizing the meaning of English words.
always I found it difficult to remember complicated English words.
For example, I take an example from the news dealing with Greece problem.
"vigilance" which means "being cautious".
it's hard to memorize it, but when I  get to know that  it originates from "vigil" , the Old French from Latin , meaning 'awake', it makes it better to remember this meaning.
In this way, if I search for original meanings, I can learn English words by heart more enjoyably.
You can look up the original meaning via detailed English-English dictionaries, or via this Web page ( if you're Japanese)


Secondly, it's also a good way to paraphrase English sentences.

For example, I just wrote this sentence

"In this way,if I search for their original meanings, I can learn English words by heart more enjoyably"
I can paraphrase it to
"As the above shows, looking up how the English words were constructed helps me to keep them more cheerfully in my mind."

this way is great because it helps me to learn many vocabularies and expression ways.
I tend to rely too much on some particular ways to write English, so I found it useful.
and this Web page may help you with your paraphrase or looking up some synonyms.






free writing

yesterday, I heard my teacher saying that free writing was good for speaking.
what is free writing?
Free writing means that you write freely without thinking. You don't need to mind the grammar error, vocabularies, and so on. It's very similar to the way of thinking about speaking English.

Then,after I write,  I'll check errors and correct them.
I sometimes have difficulty in speaking English fluently because of the lack of vocabularies and the grammar error.
I can handle it to tell what I think not only via words I said but also via body signs. However, it doesn't necessarily lead to the progress of my speaking skill.
So, I'd like to try free writing to improve my speaking skill.
Even now, I'm writing it in a free writing way. Therefore, if you find some mistakes, it's natural.







Today, no classes.
so, I slept after lunch, thenI bought some stationary.
I also wanted to buy sandals and a sweater, but I decided not to buy them yet.

I started reading WILEY USCPA. today, I read "Basic Concepts".
It was a little abstract, so I often got asleep when reading it.
but it was interesting and I enjoyed it because I could feel that I had done my daily duty.

From tomorrow, the class will begin. I'm excited because the level of my class will be clarified.
On the placement test, we had writing(20min), reading(30min), listening(35min), grammar(30min).
I think writing, reading and grammar test were easy. However listening test seemed difficult.
Especially, in the map question, I had difficulty in solving questions while seeing a map because the question book was stapled only at the left top of the book. So, I can say it was not the question of listening, haha.





I've just arrived in LA.
I was worried about the Federal inspection, but nothing's happened.
I'm more or less accustomed to this area, so I've felt that I'm back rather than that I will start my new life.
Anyway, I've finished greetings to my friends.

I'd like to always remember my goals I mentioned before, but also I'd like not to think so seriously.
I know it causes needless stresses if I think too much about what will be going on about my life.
I'd like to have my feet firmly planted, then I'd like to attain my goals in the long run.

Study Abroad

On Sep. 25th, i'm gonna leave for California again.

Sep 25th ~ Dec 3rd UCLA Extension
Jan  3rd ~ Sep UCSD

I'd like to study the following three things.

In this globalized world, international accounting knowledge is getting more and more importance.
I want to be a professional that plays internationally. So, I 'd like to gain the skill of USGAAP/IFRS.
I also plan to take the exam of USCPA.

2 English
It's needless to say English makes difference.
However, in japan, I find difficulty in having opportunities to speak English.
What is important is that whether I can convey my thought in English, so it is good for me to think and speak English a lot in the US.

3 True Humanism
I know one year is too short to attain the above things sufficiently.
Anyway, living in another country may make me more tough, because I may be gonna have a lot of troubles that I must solve for my self.
Besides, I would like to be a great Auditor. Great Auditor, I think, always listens patiently to speakers. Then, he/she responses kindly to them. He/she isn't satisfied with just giving his/her opinion, but he/she tries to make it clear  their problems for them to solve individually.  I would like to try to be a great Auditor in this stay.

I'm sure that I will sometimes have hard time,
but I think I will be more independent person thanks for that experience.