Wicked (Broadway)

I've seen twice Wicked by National Tour (in LA, San Diego)

Third time but first time in BROADWAY!


  • The whole theater not only the stage entertains spectators. Like this

    More than that,
the stage itself has special features. Extended footholds, holes, many lights..etc, all of which help the witch's magic (lol). Seriously, it's big deal through every numbers.

  • No one mourns the Wicked
          After, "Look Glinda" Joke "You are not seeing TED (just started movie)" or something like that.
          Before the scene of Shiz, Glinda tried to touch Boq, some friend, then finally Elphaba. 父とDocter Dillamondはあまり歌が上手くなかった。具体的には音が高めで響かない。特に羊っぽさを出さなきゃいけないSomething Badだとちと気になった。
  • What is This feeling
          Elphaba tried to touch friends as if she in fact wants friends...
  •  Dancing Through Life
            When Elphaba comes, Nessarose, who is in the center, lit by the main light hurry to go away from the party. Boq runs after her but miss her and he really regrets he couldn't say the truth to her (covering his face with his hands). Stressed that Glinda just tries to be "good" from the bottom of her heart, and Elphaba offers her hand meaning she wants it badly. Dances are not so strange, just like modern dance.
  • Popular
          Glinda looks not so stupid compared with national tour (it's through the stage). (Actually in my opinion green face doesn't have any disturbance on the beauty of Elphaba: Jackie Bruns lol)

  • I'm not that girl
          Glinda reaches her hand to Fiyero but just take it back as if she really wants him (she uses this expression of wanting someone through the stage) 
  • The scene they run away taking an animal in danger.
          Fiyero gets the wrong way but it's not humorously.
  • One Short Day 
          Using balloon. Winged Monkey are flying using ropes.
  • Defying Gravity 
          With the hole furnished with stairs. And it starts with no recess, which makes it more serious and under difficult situation. And it also has a great impact that Glinda has a valid point (not stupid). Parting seems not evitable, and moving...
          Elphaba sings very well. "I'm afraid"での3度上げや後半部分での抑揚の付け方など、オリジナリティと構成を妨害しない技術で素晴らしい。
  • Thank Goodness
          Also, it's easy to sympathize with Glinda. (BTW as I saw Evita yesterday, I thought in this scene she imitates the speech of Evita? just saying)
  • Wonderful
         Elphaba gets not so into Oz, which makes it more realistic. 
  • I'm not that girl
         the feeling comes across that Glinda just tries to be "good" not stupidly but in vain. Not humor. or She does not deserve it. Tragic.
  • As long as  you're mine
           Elphaba's pause before "I feel wicked" is pretty hot and good lol
  • The scene Nessarose dies 
          Glinda says an accident but not mention mortgage loan or subprime loan (in California, it's humor you know?lol)
  • For Good Deed
          Elphaba sings well (second time). 地声を裏声に抜けさせて抑揚を付けていて上手い。
  • March of the Witch hunters
          Also Glinda seems reasonable. and feel sorry for her.
  • For Good
         Big and Good difference. Glinda keeps serious draw not so big laughing (eg, "I have many friends" saying just rapidly). Every time I saw Wicked, I only sympathized only with Elphaba. But this time, I can sympathize with both of them, and I see Glinda in Elphaba (She in reality wants someone to support her) and Elpaba and Glinda (she in reality wants to be what she, not "people", believes in) . Two ways passed on the cross. They cannot go back to the cross. But they believe it has changed them for good... 

I gotta face the reality right now!!


Review of '12 Spring Quarter

Ø  Auditing (Grade: A)
 財務諸表監査について基準の理解と適用を中心に扱った授業。教授はPwCサンディエゴで長年業務に関わった元パートナーの方だった。授業形式としては、テキストMcGraw-Hill ”Principles of Auditing & Other Assurance Service”での予習を前提に、授業、毎週の宿題、レポート、期末を含む3回のテスト、というものだった。具体的な授業内容としては、概論、監査人の責任や倫理規則、監査計画の設定、内部統制、各監査手続、意見表明を扱い、Public Company(上場企業)の財務諸表監査ほぼ全体をカバーした。元パートナーだけあって実査や不正、倫理の話で豊富な実例、そして時事ネタも交えた授業で大変刺激的だった。特に私は日本で私が受けた監査の授業と比べることができるので、より一層興味深かった。例えば、共通点としては「監査ではクライアントの生活環境に注意して、金遣いが荒くなったという噂を聞いたら気をつけてください」というワザは日本でも聞いたことがあったので、面白かった。その一方で、相違点として興味深かったのは「企業環境の理解や内部統制に重点をおいて監査をする」点だった。私はまだ実際に日本にて監査に従事していないので現場の雰囲気は分かりかねる。ただ、少なくとも授業の比較においては日本では内部統制よりも監査手続の積み重ねに重点が置かれていたような覚えがある。その点、私は顧客企業の経営視点からの監査に魅力を感じていたため、各サイクルを統率する内部統制に対してトップダウンで把握して、監査手続を実施する点を好意的に受け止めて授業を受けていた。なお、宿題ではPCAOBの諸リリースに関する要約が中心で、レポートではLife Technologyに関する財務諸表分析、PCAOBの懲戒処分を扱った。テストは50問の真偽問題と選択肢問題の組み合わせ形式だった。

Ø  Intermediate Accounting B (Grade: A)
 昨期受講した”Intermediate Accounting A”から引き続き、USCPAの試験範囲ほぼ全体をカバーする授業。BではCompensated Absences, Payroll Liabilities, Bond Premium & Discount, Equity, Investments, Percentage of Completion, Revenue recognition, Accounting for income taxes, Accounting for Pensions, Statement of Cash Flowsを扱った。具体的な内容としては昨期と変わらず、計算過程と仕訳に重点を置いた内容だった。教科書はWiley”Intermediate Accounting”という1440ページあるものだったが、実例が豊富で読んでいて興味深かった。そのため、教科書のうち授業で扱わなかったAccounting for Derivatives, Accounting for Leasesなども含め一通り教科書は全部読んで独学した。なお、”Advanced Accounting”の内容であるConsolidated Financial Statements, Accounting for Foreign Currencyは参考書で軽く理解するに留まった為、日本に帰ったら既習部分の復習と共に理解を深めたい。宿題、中間テスト、期末テスト全て満点を取ることが出来た。

Ø  Business Project Management (Grade: A-)
 ビジネスに広く応用できるプロジェクトマネジメントの手法について理解を深める授業。McGraw-Hill “Project Management the Management Process”を用いて、授業、宿題、Microsoft Projectを用いた課題、Mini Quiz, 中間及び期末テストをこなす形式だった。Scope Statement, Work Breakdown Statementを用いトップダウンで行動方針を定めて、Gantt ChartNetwork Diagramで全体像を把握しつつ、経過分析を行う一連の流れに付いて学ぶことができた。私は元々、極度のトップダウン偏重経営にはあまり好感は持っていなかったが、一度プロジェクトマネジメントについて全体を眺めてみることで、具体的なメリット(部分最適を避け全体的な目的からの乖離が防げる、など)とデメリット(現時点で持つ情報に対する硬直的な依拠、など)について改めて考える契機となったので意義深かった。



 The smartest person in the room is the ROOM.

I can draw the conclude of this book as above.
It is interesting but it seems not sufficient to prove this conclusion.
The author mainly points out historical examples.
Though it is plausible, I'm interested in the actual function affecting people
into take some action.
Thus it is not convincing to me.

Voice =F(Larynx, True vocal cord,C)

By now,
I distinguished my voice into

[chest voice][head voice][falsetto]

But actually I found out another relation seems more suitable.

Dependent Variance: Z=Voice
Independent Variance: Larynx(X), True vocal cord(Y)
Indifference number: C

F(a,b,C) = Z
F(a,b,C) = aX + bY + C